The Last Mile: First Canadian-Based Dockless Scooter Company Developing Technology

Multiple angles of Zip dockless scooter.

Kitchener-Waterloo – March 13, 2019/PRNewswire – ZIP Dockless Inc. (ZIP) is Canada’s first dockless scooter company, and has been developing dockless scooter technology in Ontario, Canada. ZIP is proud to announce that as a member of Communitech, they are working towards implementing dockless scooters into Canadian communities.

“As the first Canadian-based dockless scooter company, we are thrilled to be working towards launching scooters in Canada,” said Founder, Luke Mydlarz. “The public sees the long-term benefits of alternative, affordable, and environmentally-friendly transportation options, and more and more communities are looking for solutions like dockless scooters.”

Air quality is a great equalizer; across the world in urban cities air quality continues to deteriorate. According to a recent UN report, 68% of the world’s population are projected to be living in urban centers by 2050. Electric transportation is helping to combat poor air quality, reduce traffic congestion, and provide more affordable transit options.

ZIP is committed to providing affordable and sustainable transportation for people who live in the city where the “last mile” is the only mile. ZIP is looking for forward-thinking organizations and cites to work with.

ABOUT ZIP Dockless Inc.

ZIP is the first Canadian dockless scooter company, based in Waterloo Region. They are striving to represent Canada in the micro-mobility revolution that is occurring world-wide. For more information, see